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SNN News Ticker: Short and Sour Edition

(Sorry, this posted before I was finished with it.)

Mark Sanford is back! And he wasn't hiking naked after all. He was actually in Argentina. On an out-of-country trip he took without telling his staff, or his Lieutenant Governor... or his wife. So at least that's not weird. The press conference he's holding at 2pm today to explain this should be awesome, since last night he was apparently "somewhat taken aback" that people care when the governor of a state drops off the grid.

Neda Agha-Soltan, the woman whose death has acted as a rallying cry for Iranian opposition since the video of her being shot hit the web this weekend, may have been mistaken for the sister of a terrorist, according to Iranian reports.

Gawker has a rundown of other developments in Iran, including reports that the government is charging families seeking to claim the bodies of their dead relatives a fee for each bullet with which they were shot. I really wish I were making that up.

Need a few new reasons not to like Richard Nixon? Newly released tapes feature the late President advocating abortion for interracial babies and encouraging George H.W. Bush to recruit pretty women to run for office as Republicans.